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by Martha Shedden on February 19, 2015

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Social Security income planning is especially important for women. Watch this video to learn more!

Advisors, here is a tip we’d like to share if you are looking for new leads and prospects. You may already be aware that providing Social Security income planning advice is a service that will differentiate you in your community. Seminars on Social Security consistently receive high response rates and attract a wide range of pre-retiree consumers.

Perhaps more importantly, it has been our experience that specifically marketing your Social Security services to women will result in even higher response and attendance rates at your seminars. And those women will bring their husbands and share their experience learning from you with their friends and family members.

Women in general of any age–whether single, married, divorced, or widowed–is a group just waiting to be tapped by financial professionals. But there is still a “disconnection” between the women who would like to obtain financial services and the predominantly male-dominated advisor industry. If you are an advisor looking to expand your business and reaching out to more women, Social Security income planning is an excellent service to offer.

Women are more negatively affected by making an incorrect Social Security election decision. Married couples in particular can lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of lifetime income. And the wife, as the likely survivor, will be the one to “inherit” the less than optimal survivor benefit amount as a widow.

The oldest Baby Boomers became eligible for early retirement (age 62) in 2008 and full retirement (age 66) in 2012. Over these past few years the financial industry has come to understand how valuable the topic of Social Security is for getting in front of audiences. More and more professionals are seeking out the education and other tools needed to provide this service and meet the growing demand for information.

At ClientFirst we specialize in educating and training Financial Advisors, CPAs, centers of influence such as attorneys and mortgage brokers, and other professionals who are receiving the inquires and questions about Social Security. We back up our training with all the tools you will need to set up and offer this service. Our membership includes training DVDs, power point presentations for your branding and use at seminars, white papers and newspaper articles, also for branding, to market your services, and discounts on software, education, direct mail services and Social Security case assistance.

Let us help you be the one in your community who is known as the advisor that women trust and will turn to for the financial guidance they are seeking. Social Security income planning is a win for women and financial advisors.

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