Social Security Income Planning CPE unit Course: What Women, and Their Tax & Financial Advisors, Ought to Know

by Frank Horath on July 2, 2015

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Martha Shedden of ClientFirst Financial is in the final stages of preparing this course which will go live via live webinar  presentation this August 12, 2015 (insert link).  The course will be hosted by CPE link, a leading on-line provider for CPE and CE units, for accountants and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs)     The course will cover special financial barriers and issues women face with respect to making a well-planned, smart Social Security income election.  The Social Security income election decision is a cornerstone decision for boosting a woman’s overall retirement income stream.

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you” states course instructor Martha Shedden.  In this course, discover how an incorrect Social Security election decision can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and, in many instances, women are most affected by this “money left on the table” in their later retirement years.

A few of the key issues covered will be the history of Social Security from a woman’s perspective, Social Security basics, and the 5 critical ‘truths’ affecting a woman’s Social Security election decision.  Also, there will be several case studies showing rules and strategies for single, married, divorced & widowed women.  There is huge need for helping women with both their Social Security income planning need and solving for their bigger picture retirement income situation.  The course will help accountants and financial advisors become more in-tune to helping women with their Social Security income planning needs.


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