Social Security and Bridging to Retirement Planning, “You’ve Only Just Begun”

by Martha Shedden on June 12, 2015

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When making Social Security recommendations for your clients, are you considering their post-retirement income, capital gains, RMDs and order in which their assets are distributed?  Do you verify that by maximizing their Social Security you are not also maximizing the taxation of this benefit?  Join us July 16, 2015 for this vital class on the “next steps” after Social Security optimization.

Coupled with goal-setting strategies, early planning of retirement asset fund allocations, well-planned distribution and draw-down strategies, and a detailed understanding of Social Security income taxation, you will have the ability to boost your clients’ retirement income and increase the longevity of their portfolios.

This course will provide you with the details and strategies needed to understand the interplay between Social Security, other income, and the withdrawal sequence from retirement accounts.

Taxation of Social Security income, in particular, plays a large part in the final net funds available to retirees, especially as they reach age 70 ½ and have Required Minimum Distributions from IRA accounts.

Your clients may be aware of the effect of an educated, well-timed Social Security income election decision however, that decision is only just the beginning of a well-designed retirement plan.

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