Digital Social Security Training Kit

Supercharge your practice with our Digital Social Security Training Kit for Financial Professionals.



The Digital Social Security Training Kit Includes the following:

Introduction and Core Social Security Presentation

An introductory overview to the Digital Social Security Training Kit followed by the core Social Security income planning presentation.

The introduction describes that by understanding the most relevant 20% of Social Security income planning concepts and techniques, financial advisors can solve nearly 80% of their client cases. The core Social Security presentation demonstration shows Social Security expert, Frank Horath, delivering the actual public Social Security income planning presentation “When to Take Social Security.” This is an excellent way for financial professionals to learn relevant Social Security income planning concepts and deliver a quality presentation to their target audience.

Introduction & Overview

  • Our intentions and goals for you
  • Rationale behind our program
  • Simplifying the Social Security maze: our 20/80 approach

Social Security Core Presentation (When to Take Social Security)

  • Smart ways to get more Social Security income – choose wisely
  • Key terms, assumptions, and techniques
  • Life expectancy and the income election
  • Importance of filing correctly the very first time
  • Six strategies to get more Social Security income
  • Determining your best-fit claiming method
  • Multiple case examples for singles and married couples
  • Social Security and the importance for the female demographic
  • The importance and relevance of electing Social Security income in the context of client retirement assets
  • The appointment setting closing process

Technical Drilldown & Practice Management

Our technical drilldown helps you learn several of the key root Social Security income planning concepts. Quality software can answer some – but often not all – of these questions for you. Regardless, learning these concepts will help you better explain software results and respond quickly to questions. In practice management, we cover some of the essential tools and processes for integrating Social Security income planning to your practice.

Technical Drilldown

  • How PIA (Primary Insurance Amount) is determined
  • Spousal benefit rules and switching strategies
  • Survivor and divorcee benefit rules

Practice Management

  • Client Social Security income intake profiling
  • Software Solutions: ease-of-use, results with options, quality report
  • Importance of the one-year ruling with case example
  • The financial services segue; the Social Security income election in the context of big picture retirement planning

Marketing Social Security Income Planning

As financial advisors, each of us strives to find the most effective marketing tools to reach our target audience. In Marketing, we define who your potential markets might be and demonstrate an array of Social income marketing tools to access, serve and pre-qualify your preferred clientele.

  • Sharpening your best marketing tool – you
  • Center of influence (COI) marketing and relationship building with accountants, estate planners, human resources, health and Medicare agents
  • Marketing to the public: pre- and early retiree consumers and service organizations
  • How to set up your seminar funnel to screen for qualified prospects
  • Marketing tools: one-to-one, group presentations, leveraging baseline media and branding campaigns
  • Re-branding for the Social Security entitlement
  • MCLE/CE units for estate planners/attorneys

25 Social Security Practice Management Data Files (PowerPoint , MS Word, pdf)

Social Security Practice Management

  • How to Grow Your Financial Practice with Social Security Income Planning eBook by Frank Horath (pdf)
  • Social Security Profiling/Intake Client Form (MS Word)

Marketing Social Security Income Planning

  • Client/prospect letter introducing your new Social Security niche specialty
    • Core presentation “When to Take Social Security” PowerPoint Deck (.pwpt)
    • Workbook for “When to Take Social Security” presentation (Word)
  • Five Social Security direct mail pieces (pdf, examples and vendor contact information)
  • Workshop invitations:  Social Security for couples, Social Security for women, Social Security and tax law changes
  • Social Security income direct mail response programs
  • Seminar newspaper press release invitation
    • Four Social Security income planning white papers for both COIs and consumers
    • Six high impact ghost written newspaper articles
    • Request letters for guest speaker consideration (MS Word)
    • Presentation appointment setting and white paper request forms
      • Multiple public workshop closing forms

How to Grow Your Financial Practice with Social Security Income Planning by Frank Horath, Independent Financial Advisor

An Ebook for financial advisors who wish to increase the proficiency of their practices and win more market share by becoming Social Security income planning specialists. By learning 20% of the most relevant Social Security income planning concepts, you can resolve nearly 80% of your client cases. This Ebook identifies the opportunities in the baby-boomer market specifically, and the Social Security advisory services that your clients will want from you to make a smart Social Security income election decision.

Topics covered include an overview of selected Social Security rules and claiming techniques, several “bread and butter” case studies, practice management tools, and creative marketing ideas to both help advisors retain clients and build their practices.