Just Released: Cash Flow Decisions software, the new Social Security & retirement income app you have to see! Attend the rollout webinar!

by Martha Shedden on June 21, 2015

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Impact Technology’s new software application, Cash Flow Decisions, is an extremely powerful tool.  In this webinar Joe Walsh of Impact will show the functionality of this new software and why cash flow calculations are so important.   Sign up now! http://tinyurl.com/nkp7dhl

When making Social Security recommendations for your clients, are you considering taxation, capital gains, RMDs, asset distribution order, post-retirement salaries, other income, and potential MAGI reductions?

Total income affects how much of Social Security benefits are taxed. Asset distributions needed to pay expenses, and the nature of those assets, fluctuate. The percent of benefits taxed is seldom a fixed amount. It needs to be calculated annually.

At age 70½ RMDs are required from qualified plans and are taxable. They also affect the MAGI and could trigger increased taxation of Social Security benefits.

If Social Security is started prior to full retirement age, earned income could result in benefits being withheld until full retirement age. That affects income available for cash flow and should be considered when determining Social Security filing ages.

This software will give you an amazing new look at how you present retirement solutions!  Join us for this FREE webinar hosted by Frank Horath of ClientFirst Financial, an affiliate partner of Impact Technologies.  Sign up now! http://tinyurl.com/nkp7dhl

P.S. Click here for a free trial of Cash Flow Decisionshttp://tinyurl.com/q5nmz3t   If you’re currently using Social Security Pro, once you decide Cash Flow Decisions will greatly improve your practice, call our support team to upgrade your subscription to Cash Flow Decisions.

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