Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why did you develop the “Digital Social Security Training Kit” offering?
A: Frank. Our passion is to help make the lives of other financial professionals easier, more enjoyable, and to make them more profitable.  I saw the need to relay 20% of the most relevant Social Security income planning content to help advisors solve for about 80% of their client cases.  I’ve also put together a concise, effective set of marketing materials so other advisors don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Keep it simple.

Q: Why should financial professionals consider embracing or taking their Social income planning services to the next level?
A: Frank. There is an abundant need driven by the ranks of the swelling retirees. There are not enough financial professionals who are trained to provide quality solutions for these retirees . . . supply and demand, pretty simple.  A huge number of consumers need guidance to make smarter Social Security income election decisions.

Q: Is it important to have quality software to help clients maximize/optimize their Social Security income election decision?
A: Frank. Yes, absolutely.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of possibilities for a couple to choose their Social Security income election.  There are many rules and caveats that impact this calculation.  Qualify software will do a lot of the thinking for you, and apply complex algorithms to generate the smartest choice(s) for you clients.  Employing quality software can further help you differentiate your practice and serve as an excellent marketing tool to build relationships with tax professionals, attorneys, and your clients.

Q: What about the local Social Security office? . . . Can’t they provide Social Security financial advice for retirees?
A: Frank. No, not really. Social Security personnel according to their operations manual are not allowed to provide financial advice. They are available for questions, and to help you file/claim your case. But providing client solutions for helping them get the most Social Security income can be beyond the scope of their work role, not to mention their workload.

Q: Frank, which financial professionals can benefit from your Social Security training modules?
A: Frank. Many . . . financial planners, Registered Investment Advisors, Life & Annuity agents, Certified Public Accountants, enrolled agents. Even mortgage advisors that are inclined to link their debt management service to financial planning. Note, each professional should verify that their registrations and licensing provide for offering these types of services.

Q: Frank, you’re a Financial Advisor yourself, didn’t you think the accountants (CPAs) would be the main source to provide Social Security guidance to their clients?
A: Frank. Yes, initially I did. But after speaking with many CPAs and to CPA group meetings, I realized they don’t. Some do, but very few. Social Security is not within their typical scope of services. They are busy doing tax returns, auditing, etc. . . . But, they love to learn about the topic and they will send you people that need help in this area.

Q: Frank, what prompted you yourself to embrace Social Security income planning for your own client book, and prospects?
A: Frank. Pretty simple. Most retirees make their own decision, and they often do it incorrectly. None of my local financial competitors offer the effective, elegant Social Security solutions that I can, let alone address this important issue at all. I get more business, more personal satisfaction, and am a great resource for local estate planning attorney and accountants.

Q: Frank, with someone starting fresh with your training modules, what do you feel when be a reasonable new client pipeline and with what timeframe?
A: Frank. Of course that would depend on their current business model and level of effort they put into it. But, I would say for someone early to midway in their career tenure, doubling within 4 months, or a triple within 6 to 9 months would be a fair projection.

Q: Frank, would you go as far as labeling Social Security as a “holy grail” technique for growing your financial practice?A: Frank. No, of course not. There is no single grand magic wand. Like all sales, it requires a plan, education, discipline, repeated effort, and follow-through. But, I can tell you, if I post a newspaper press release for an investment/financial planning seminar or a long-term care or Medicare seminar, I might receive one or maybe two call-ins. But, a Social Security seminar press release will typically result in 4 to 6 times the call-in activity compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

Q: Frank, you occasionally, call yourself an “in-the-trenches” Financial Advisor, why?
A: Frank. I’ve been a Financial Advisor for nearly 17 years. Both with major wirehouses and as an independent. Back in the day, I cold-called in the evenings and Saturday mornings till blue in the gums. I’ve tried about every imaginable way to acquire good clients. This is a wonderful business, but a very tough business, and it’s not getting any easier. So, I have been in the trenches, and I like to let my fellow financial professionals know that.

Q: Why do you offer the 100% money back guarantee with 90 days if your purchaser is not happy? Very few other financial product or service vendors do this?
A: Frank. I firmly believe in our product and service and the value we add. I believe in it so strongly that I choose to offer this refund, no questions asked. I trust my fellow financial professionals and they will be honest with their experience.