Martha Shedden of ClientFirst Financial is in the final stages of preparing this course which will go live via live webinar  presentation this August 12, 2015 (insert link).  The course will be hosted by CPE link, a leading on-line provider for CPE and CE units, for accountants and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs)     The course will cover special financial barriers and issues women face with respect to making a well-planned, smart Social Security income election.  The Social Security income election decision is a cornerstone decision for boosting a woman’s overall retirement income stream.

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you” states course instructor Martha Shedden.  In this course, discover how an incorrect Social Security election decision can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and, in many instances, women are most affected by this “money left on the table” in their later retirement years.

A few of the key issues covered will be the history of Social Security from a woman’s perspective, Social Security basics, and the 5 critical ‘truths’ affecting a woman’s Social Security election decision.  Also, there will be several case studies showing rules and strategies for single, married, divorced & widowed women.  There is huge need for helping women with both their Social Security income planning need and solving for their bigger picture retirement income situation.  The course will help accountants and financial advisors become more in-tune to helping women with their Social Security income planning needs.



Tax professionals and financial planners can help guide their clients to make better Social Security income election decisions. There is a strong demand for services in this growing boomer population.  As advisors venture into this topic area, they will need to determine what level of Social Security income planning service they will provide for their clients, or they may opt to outsource certain aspects of these services. If they choose to provide these services in-house, they will want to utilize effective means of marketing and providing the requisite client deliverables.

ClientFirst Financial will be providing a 2-hour course CPE link, Social Security marketing course  and will provide tax and financial professionals with marketing and practice management resources to help them both bring more value to existing clients, and attract new clients, while educating and guiding them through this very important financial planning decision process. The various professionals that provide Social Security income planning services and the scope of those services will also be discussed.  This course qualifies for CPA CPE units and CFP CE units as well.


Impact Technology’s new software application, Cash Flow Decisions, is an extremely powerful tool.  In this webinar Joe Walsh of Impact will show the functionality of this new software and why cash flow calculations are so important.   Sign up now!

When making Social Security recommendations for your clients, are you considering taxation, capital gains, RMDs, asset distribution order, post-retirement salaries, other income, and potential MAGI reductions?

Total income affects how much of Social Security benefits are taxed. Asset distributions needed to pay expenses, and the nature of those assets, fluctuate. The percent of benefits taxed is seldom a fixed amount. It needs to be calculated annually.

At age 70½ RMDs are required from qualified plans and are taxable. They also affect the MAGI and could trigger increased taxation of Social Security benefits.

If Social Security is started prior to full retirement age, earned income could result in benefits being withheld until full retirement age. That affects income available for cash flow and should be considered when determining Social Security filing ages.

This software will give you an amazing new look at how you present retirement solutions!  Join us for this FREE webinar hosted by Frank Horath of ClientFirst Financial, an affiliate partner of Impact Technologies.  Sign up now!

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When making Social Security recommendations for your clients, are you considering their post-retirement income, capital gains, RMDs and order in which their assets are distributed?  Do you verify that by maximizing their Social Security you are not also maximizing the taxation of this benefit?  Join us July 16, 2015 for this vital class on the “next steps” after Social Security optimization.

Coupled with goal-setting strategies, early planning of retirement asset fund allocations, well-planned distribution and draw-down strategies, and a detailed understanding of Social Security income taxation, you will have the ability to boost your clients’ retirement income and increase the longevity of their portfolios.

This course will provide you with the details and strategies needed to understand the interplay between Social Security, other income, and the withdrawal sequence from retirement accounts.

Taxation of Social Security income, in particular, plays a large part in the final net funds available to retirees, especially as they reach age 70 ½ and have Required Minimum Distributions from IRA accounts.

Your clients may be aware of the effect of an educated, well-timed Social Security income election decision however, that decision is only just the beginning of a well-designed retirement plan.


Martha Shedden of ClientFirst Financial will be teaching this Social Security Income Claiming Advanced Course in collaboration with on-line CPE unit provider CPE Link on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.  The course will first be held as a live webcast then shortly thereafter will be available in the on-demand/self study version.

For Baby Boomers, the effect of an educated, well-timed Social Security income election decision can lead to an increase in retirement standard of living and longevity of portfolios. Often the claiming rules and strategies can be quite complex for certain cases.  Clients may have special situations such as, working while collecting Social Security, a pension from non-covered employment (e.g. government employees), or caring for a disabled child, that make the Social Security decision more complicated.  Recent developments in software technology are useful for accountants and financial advisors to help there clients make better decisions when these special situations arise.

This 2-hour course will provide you with detailed knowledge about the Advanced Social Security topics that are not so frequently encountered, but must be understood to provide accurate, in-depth advice when offering Social Security and retirement income planning services to a broad base of clients.

Tax and Financial Professionals** wanting to broaden their knowledge of Social Security to a higher level in order to offer this service to a broader base of clients who may have special situations and need help with this election decision. Tax and Financial Professionals** who want to gain broaden their knowledge on this topic, but who may want to outsource more complicated cases to a qualified professional.


ClientFirst affiliates with CPE Link, provider of CPE and CE units, to provide Social Security education to accountants and financial professionals.  Instructors Frank Horath and Martha Shedden will be presenting the 2 hour live webinar, Social Security Income: Indispensable Information for Financial Professionals, on Thursday, October 8, 2015 or it can be accessed as a self-study course at any time. 
The course covers the basics of the Social Security program starting with a brief history of Social Security as well as how the program has changed and what future adjustments may be needed for the trust fund to remain solvent.  Terminology, acronyms and concepts needed to understand how to optimize the claiming of Social Security benefits will be discussed and required client “vital” information for calculating Social Security benefits will be presented.  The most commonly used rules and strategies will be explained and used in case study examples of single, married, divorced and widowed clients. The case studies will be presented in ways that show a ‘best’ vs. ‘worst’ claiming decisions based on total cumulative lifetime Social Security income.  The need to incorporate Social Security income planning in the context of a complete retirement financial plan is critical to retirees.


ClientFirst Financial is pleased to announce its expanded affiliate partnership with CPE link, on-line provider of continuing education units for Certified Public accountants, accounting & bookkeeping professionals and Certified Financial Planners.  ClientFirst is providing a turnkey set of courses on Social Security income planning to CPE link.  These courses will educate course attendees on Social Security income claiming concepts as well as how this important decision fits into the bigger picture retirement income plan.  A marketing course for tax professionals as well as the important topic of Women & Social Security will also be included in the suite of courses.  The course are initially offered as a live webcast, then recorded and repurposed as an on-demand self-study course.  Social Security income planning is a very relevant topic give the vast number of early & pre-retirees that are seeking advice on this topic.   The Live webcast dates are as follows:  Advanced Social Security Topics, July 15; Social Security and Bridging to Retirement Planning, “You’ve Only Just Begun” , July 16; Marketing Social Security Income Services in Your Practice, July 17; Social Security, What Women, and Their Tax & Financial Advisors, Ought to Know, August 12; Social Security Income: Indispensable Information for Financial Professionals, October 8.  Accountants can attain the CPE units, and Certified Financial planners meet their CPE and CE units via these course.  For more course details and registration information go to


Understanding how Social Security income benefits are taxed is a topic that is just now gaining attention as Baby Boomers reach age 70. Retirees with IRAs must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) at age 70 ½. This additional income can trigger a significant increase in their tax liability due to the way Social Security income is taxed.

Many retirees are not even aware that up to 85% of their Social Security income benefits can be taxed. They may have planned well for a secure retirement by maximizing their Social Security benefits and saving in IRAs, only to find that when they begin taking RMDs their income taxes take a sharp jump. This is why the tax on Social Security income is often referred to as the “Stealth Tax”.

The good news is that, with some awareness and pre-planning, the taxation of Social Security income benefits can be managed to have a lesser impact on annual income taxes. The 3-part test to determine if and how benefits are taxed seems confusing at first. However, if explained in a simple way with example case studies, the concept can be understood quickly.

Accountants are aware of Social Security income taxation but, as an automatic calculation on their tax software, may not even be exactly sure of how this tax is calculated. They also may not always in the position to know if their clients have IRAs and how much those RDMs will be.

As an advisor, your awareness and knowledge of this topic will make you a valuable resource to retirees and someone to whom CPAs will refer clients to become educated on this topic.

ClientFirst Financial can help you fully understand the affect of Social Security benefits on annual income taxes. Our power point, Smart Ways to Manage Social Security Income Taxes, (available to members only; learn more about membership) shows you how to determine if a client’s benefits will be taxed and how to calculate that amount. We offer a variety of management options for you to consider when advising clients on their retirement financial plan. The affect can be to increase lifetime income and decrease taxes, thereby extending portfolios and standard of living in retirement.


Win With Women!

by Martha Shedden on February 19, 2015

in Practice Tips

Social Security income planning is especially important for women. Watch this video to learn more!

Advisors, here is a tip we’d like to share if you are looking for new leads and prospects. You may already be aware that providing Social Security income planning advice is a service that will differentiate you in your community. Seminars on Social Security consistently receive high response rates and attract a wide range of pre-retiree consumers.

Perhaps more importantly, it has been our experience that specifically marketing your Social Security services to women will result in even higher response and attendance rates at your seminars. And those women will bring their husbands and share their experience learning from you with their friends and family members.

Women in general of any age–whether single, married, divorced, or widowed–is a group just waiting to be tapped by financial professionals. But there is still a “disconnection” between the women who would like to obtain financial services and the predominantly male-dominated advisor industry. If you are an advisor looking to expand your business and reaching out to more women, Social Security income planning is an excellent service to offer.

Women are more negatively affected by making an incorrect Social Security election decision. Married couples in particular can lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of lifetime income. And the wife, as the likely survivor, will be the one to “inherit” the less than optimal survivor benefit amount as a widow.

The oldest Baby Boomers became eligible for early retirement (age 62) in 2008 and full retirement (age 66) in 2012. Over these past few years the financial industry has come to understand how valuable the topic of Social Security is for getting in front of audiences. More and more professionals are seeking out the education and other tools needed to provide this service and meet the growing demand for information.

At ClientFirst we specialize in educating and training Financial Advisors, CPAs, centers of influence such as attorneys and mortgage brokers, and other professionals who are receiving the inquires and questions about Social Security. We back up our training with all the tools you will need to set up and offer this service. Our membership includes training DVDs, power point presentations for your branding and use at seminars, white papers and newspaper articles, also for branding, to market your services, and discounts on software, education, direct mail services and Social Security case assistance.

Let us help you be the one in your community who is known as the advisor that women trust and will turn to for the financial guidance they are seeking. Social Security income planning is a win for women and financial advisors.


ClientFirst Financial is pleased to sponsor the November 10, 2014 course in San Jose, California for the National Social Security Advisor education and certification program   Financial advisors will learn Social Security claiming strategies for married couples, divorced, widowed, and singles. Attendees will also learn the inner workings of the Social Security administration as one of the instructors, Jim Blair is a retired 35 year veteran of the SSA, Social Security administration. Financial advisors will be able to get CFP, Certified Financial planner, continuing education units and CPAs, Certified Public Accountants will be able to obtain the CPE continuing education units as well. Go to  to obtain a copy of the course agenda.


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