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The 4th generation of Social Security Explorer is being phased out into Social Security Pro! More functionality, more opportunity, more business!

This creates an exciting opportunity to get the 4th Gen software at a never-to-be-seen again price of just $199.00, including annual renewals. Annual Subscription price goes from $199 to $295 on September 15th.

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Hundreds of Social Security scenarios in one simple, visual display!

Take advantage of one of the hottest topics of the day – Social Security – and help clients and prospects quickly see how benefit start ages and strategy affect lifetime Social Security income. Social Security Explorer software demystifies the complexities of Social Security and helps you build your client pipeline.

This powerful software analyzes all of the Social Security strategies, age combinations and calculations and highlights the best option for your clients in just seconds. You can easily adjust client data such as benefit starting age or cost of living adjustments to reflect other scenarios and receive updated results immediately.

The interactive visual interface makes it easy to educate clients without having to spend hours of time explaining complicated guidelines. It delivers the answers to the most common Social Security questions, including:

  • How much will we get?
  • At what age should we start collecting?
  • How can we be sure that we’re getting as much as possible?

Being able to show people how Social Security will fit into their overall retirement plans is a great way for financial planners and investment advisors to enhance seminar presentations and add value to your practice. By being able to show someone what their Social Security benefits may look like over a lifetime, you can use Social Security Explorer to introduce clients to additional income products such as life insurance or annuities that can supplement their retirement income.

Subscribe now for $199/yr. – this is a limited time price only good through September 15, 2014. Once Social Security Explorer becomes Social Security Pro, the price goes up $295/yr.

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NOTE:  Newly released version 2.1 now provides calculation utility to cover your Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) & Government Pension Offset (GPO) client cases.

The Social Security Explorer software can be purchased individually or as a package with our Social Security canGROW Your Financial Practice Tool KitTM




What sets Social Security Explorer apart from other similar software?

  • Social Security Explorer analyzes all 7 Social Security strategies, 81 age combinations, and 567 sets of calculations, picks the best option and puts a star on it.
  • The easy to use visual interface makes it a great door opener and a gateway for getting more clients at workshops, short courses and presenting to your Centers of Influence.
  • Social Security Explorer can provide a customized printed report for clients to take away and refer to after your meeting or presentation.
  • It allows you to show people how Social Security will fit into their overall retirement planning, and gives you the ability to show people the numbers behind the recommendations.
  • Social Security Explorer includes options for showing information in graphs and ledgers and provides links to the SSA website, so you can tailor your presentation to the needs of your audience.

The visually appealing user interface of Social Security Explorer is ideal for answering the “what-if” questions your customers have about their different election options, and elevating their opinion of your professionalism and advice.”

Mark R. Triplett
President of Annuity Distribution
AMZ Financial

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